Mastering Elementor: Step-by-Step Section Moving for Superior Layouts

This article delves into a fundamental aspect of Elementor’s prowess – how to move sections in Elementor. This seemingly simple action holds the key to unleashing your creative prowess and enhancing user experience on your website.

In the dynamic realm of web design, each pixel contributes to the grand tapestry of your online presence. Think of your website as a virtual canvas, and just as a painter wields their brush, you need the right tools to manifest your vision. This is where Elementor comes to the forefront – a user-friendly WordPress page builder that empowers you to create captivating websites without the intricacies of coding.

The Art of Section Movement

Imagine sculpting a magnificent marble statue, only to realize that it could exude even more allure if displayed in a different alcove of your art gallery. Similarly, when crafting your website using Elementor, you might find yourself wanting to relocate a section to a different area on the page. This might be to optimize content flow, balance your layout, or simply due to a stroke of inspiration. Whatever the reason, knowing how to seamlessly move sections in Elementor can significantly impact your design journey.

The Power of Flexibility

Elementor epitomizes the essence of creative freedom, and the ability to move sections with fluidity is a testament to this philosophy. Let’s embark on a step-by-step journey to understand this process:

Step 1: Launch Elementor with Finesse

Begin by logging into your WordPress dashboard and selecting the desired page. Once you’re within the Elementor editor, the real magic commences.

Step 2: The Magic of Mouse Hover

Hover your cursor over the section you wish to relocate. As you do, you’ll notice a handle resembling a stack of pancakes. Don’t let its mouth-watering appearance deceive you – it’s your conduit to moving the section.

Step 3: The Click That Changes Everything

Click on the pancake-stack-like handle and hold down your mouse button. Now, gently drag the section to your intended spot on the page. Elementor’s seamless drag-and-drop interface ensures this process is effortless.

Step 4: Drop It Like It’s Hot

Once you’ve elegantly maneuvered the section to its new location, release the mouse button. Just like a puzzle piece sliding into place, your section seamlessly integrates into the layout. Take a moment to appreciate your design prowess – you’ve mastered the art of moving sections in Elementor!

Enhancing Your Toolbox

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Elementor offers more than just section relocation; it’s a treasure trove of design possibilities. Let’s explore a few additional tips to elevate your design journey:

1. Harnessing the Header and Footer

Your design adventure extends beyond sections. Dive into editing headers and footers with Elementor. Whether it’s infusing your brand identity or enhancing navigation, Elementor empowers you to breathe life into these crucial website components. Remember, captivating first impressions often begin with a striking header.

2. The Art of Duplication

Ever wished to replicate a meticulously crafted page without starting from scratch? Elementor grants you this power. The “Duplicate Page” feature lets you recreate your masterpiece with a single click. Efficiency meets creativity!

3. Adding Elementor Pro to Your Arsenal

As you venture further into the world of Elementor, consider enhancing your toolkit with Elementor Pro. It’s akin to upgrading from a regular paintbrush to a magical wand. Installing Elementor Pro is as simple as savoring your morning brew – a catalyst for turning your design visions into reality.


Within the expansive landscape of web design, Elementor emerges as a beacon of innovation and artistic expression. The ability to seamlessly move sections not only streamlines your design process but also amplifies your ability to convey narratives visually. Remember, a well-crafted website isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about guiding visitors through a captivating journey. So, embrace the art of moving sections in Elementor, and let your creativity flow fluidly from one corner of your canvas to another. Your website is your symphony – conduct it with finesse!

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